Hall Rentals

High Park Community Hall is available for rentals seven days a week. It can be used for many functions such as: Weddings, Meetings, Dances, Birthday & Anniversary Parties, etc. The Hall can accommodate up to 150 people with seating and dancing space.

High Park Community Hall has a full industrial kitchen that is available for to all rentals. The kitchen has an industrial sized two-door fridge and commercial natural gas burning stove and grill, commercial dishwasher, deep freeze, lots of counter space and two sinks. The hall also has a bar/liquor room equipped with a full sized cooler and sink. Large coffee urn, water jugs, salt and pepper available.

An upstairs meeting room is also available for small meetings or classes.


Main Hall—Weddings/Anniversaries – Weekend (e.g. Friday @6:00 to Sunday @ noon)           $ 450.00

Daily Rentals – Eight hours –  $ 300.00
( Each additional hour after 8hr. Rental is $ 50.00 per hr.)

Hourly Rental – $ 50.00/hr

Upstairs Meeting Room  (availability limited – No kitchen) –  $ 30.00/hour

A matching CASH ONLY damage deposit is required at the time of the rental agreement.

FOR VIEWING OR BOOKING CONTACT 780.484.4646 and leave a message.

BETWEEN 4pm AND 8PM call 780.984.8555 or email president@highparkcommunity.com 


3 Responses to “Hall Rentals”

  1. highparkcommunity April 4, 2017 at 2:44 pm #

    Hi Marina,

    Please contact 780.484.4646 and leave a message with your request or
    BETWEEN 4pm AND 8PM call 780.984.8555 or email president@highparkcommunity.com.


  2. Amna Abugrga October 26, 2017 at 9:50 am #


    I’m looking to book the hall for an event for the Nov 3rd weekend , for either Friday, Sat , or Sunday from 6pm to as late as possible.

    Thank you

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