League Executive

2016/2017 League Executive

President – Janice Gargas – president@highparkcommunity.com

Vice-President – Nicole Glover – vicepresident@highparkcommunity.com

Treasurer – Tom Clooney – treasurer@highparkcommunity.com

Secretary – Connie Marshall –    secretary@highparkcommunity.com

Bingo Chair – Jean Dubois –    bingos@highparkcommunity.com

Sports Director – Shaun Futoransky –  sports@highparkcommunity.com

Casino – Colin Atkins – casinos@highparkcommunity.com

Memberships – Karen Heroux –   memberships@highparkcommunity.com

Social – Tracy Winship – social@highparkcommunity.com

Member-at-Large – Guylaine and Eldon Chrystian – memberatlarge@highparkcommunity.com

Building/Rink/Grounds – Robert Turner – maintainance@highparkcommunity.com

Hall Rentals – VACANT (Janice Gargas) – president@highparkcommunity.com

Programs – Bing Phung – programs@highparkcommunity.com

Publicity – Ashlea Walter – publicity@highparkcommunity.com

Preschool President – VACANT – preschool@highparkcommunity.com

Preschool Teacher – VACANT

Community Recreation Coordinator – Shauna Richards – shauna.richards@Edmonton.ca

If you have a few hours per month to donate to help improve your community, we have a few open positions, as well as a special event volunteer list, that could really use you! Contact Janice Gargas at 780-984-8555, or any board member, or come to a board meeting (second Tuesday of every month at 7 pm at the hall).


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